• Schnair Sales & Service began over 70 years ago, developing and growing into a team of knowledgeable representatives, with the experience and vision in understanding today’s marketplace. Our specialty is not just selling the product, but pulling the product through to the end user and building long lasting manufacturer / customer relationships that are mutually beneficial and result in real value for both parties.

    SSi sells to all segments of the automotive aftermarket; traditional, 2 and 3 step distribution, tool and equipment, PBE, heavy duty, high performance and retail. Additionally, we focus on related markets such as mass merchants, C-store distribution, farm & home, e-commerce, home improvement, drug & grocery and specialty retailers. We tailor our approach to each manufacturer’s unique needs and goals.

    We have a dedicated sales force to sell your products into all channels of distribution and a service team implementing those sales. We individualize your service needs and put procedures in place to save you, your employees and the customer time and money.

    Our represented manufacturers realize growth as we excel at repositioning existing products through familiarity of markets and create growth / expansion based on educating the customer to the benefits of your key lines and new innovative items. As a partner with our manufacturers, we create “how-to” information that speaks to the novice as well as the seasoned veteran and helps to educate retail / distributor sales staffs to better represent your items in the field and sell more product.

    Meet the SSI Team!


    Field Support Services
    Accounting Issues




  • Com­mit­ted to build­ing pos­i­tive cus­tomer rela­tion­ships with all contacts.
  • Com­mit­ted to growth in annual vol­ume and ser­vic­ing the customer.
  • Committed to providing the most experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable sales team in our territory
  • Committed to follow up on all promotions, advertising campaigns, and product placements.
  • We work and live in the major mar­kets of our territories

Field Support Services

  • Field Sales calls, independent or accompanied with Factory Sales personnel.
  • Conduct internal training sessions on product knowledge and sales approach.
  • Coordinate and perform product changeovers at store and distribution level.
  • Process return and product rebox at distribution level.
  • Administer and supply manpower for assistance on new store openings and relocations set-ups.
  • Attend trade shows and major industry events.
  • New store product installation.


  • Line Review updates, determined by customer agenda.
  • Develop marketing plans & promotion support materials.
  • Process electronic data requirements and new item load sheets.
  • Product recalls, new number announcement, superseded item numbers, etc.
  • Paperwork processing for warranty and product returns.
  • Respond to inquiries on product application, availability and quality.
  • Coordinate sample and literature requests ensuring up-to-date information.
  • Process product labor claims.


  • Track all orders, supply ship dates, carriers and pro numbers.
  • Convey an “expect” on order arrivals for customer.
  • EDI support and development.

Accounting Issues

  • Coordinate pricing updates.
  • Provide competitive price shops and market surveys.
  • Assist with resolution to AP issues; invoicing opportunities.